Water and Wastewater



Performance Review of Plants

Alpha Concepts specialises in consultation regarding poorly performing water and wastewater plants, whether that be achieving drinking water guidelines for potable water plants, or meeting discharge criteria for treated water from sewage or wastewater treatment plants.

With modelling of the treatment system, thereby, breaking down the Plant’s function into it respective process steps, Alpha Concepts can readily determine if the issue is plant design or plant operation related.

For plant operational issues Alpha Concepts can provide solutions via a number of paths:

  • Setting and the control of process parameters.
  • Training of Plant Operators.
  • Provide analytical equipment for specific testing.
  • Develop Operation and Maintenance Manuals / Procedures.
  • Provide an operational path by which poor performance can be corrected.
  • Design, supply and install online analytical equipment and specific control.
  • Provide ongoing support for site operators.
  • Use of alternate chemicals in the treatment process, better suiting processing objectives.
  • Specific Process Stream analysis and develop operational recommendations.


Design of Plant Upgrades

Alpha Concepts can review a plant and determine how the plant can be upgraded, whether that upgrade is to meet an improved treatment standard or to achieve a capacity improvement. Depending on the specific circumstance, Alpha Concepts can design equipment to augment with the existing process to achieve these objectives. Upgrades designed by Alpha Concepts cover the following examples:

  • Augment of wastewater biological treatment systems to achieve improved nutrient removal (Nitrogen and Phosphorous).
  • Design of Polishing/post-treatment systems to tertiary treat water to better suspended solids, lower turbidity and improved disinfection level.
  • Upgrade of potable water production plants to treat to a lower turbidity, higher disinfection rate.
  • Design of upgrades to Clarification and Media Filtration systems.
  • Addition of biological processing capability to increase capacity.

Alpha Concepts can not only design upgrades and augmented processes for water and wastewater plants, it can also supply, install and commission.


Specialist in Cyanide Destruction (and Recovery)

Alpha Concepts possess unique skills in regards to the destruction of cyanide, or the recovery of sodium cyanide from wastewater. Some specific processes that Alpha Concepts has experience with are listed as follows:

  • Cyanide stripping and absorption.
  • Alkaline chlorination with the destruction of Sodium Cyanide.
  • Chemical destruction of Sodium Cyanate.
  • Reverse osmosis recovery of Sodium Cyanide.
  • Peroxide destruction of Sodium Cyanide.
  • Ammonia Stripping.
  • Biological processing and removal of Sodium Cyanide.


Specialists in Reverse Osmosis

Alpha Concepts has specific expertise in regards to Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Processes. Alpha Concepts has been involved with the practical application of Reverse Osmosis for wastewater treatment for sodium cyanide, ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate and desalination. Alpha Concepts also has expertise in relation to the more common use of Reverse Osmosis for the production of potable water.

In regards to the unit operation of Reverse Osmosis systems, Alpha Concepts can consult with respect to the following:

  • Optimal selection of cleaning chemicals.
  • Pre-treatment of feed water to reverse osmosis processes.
  • Performance monitoring and membrane performance evaluation.
  • Destructive testing to identify fouling / scaling mechanism.


Specialist in Ultrafiltration

Alpha Concepts draws on significant experience in regards to the design and operation of Ultrafiltration systems. This experience crosses the wastewater treatment and potable water production use of Ultrafiltration membranes.

Specific Consultation that Alpha Concepts can supply in regards to Ultrafiltration is as follows:

  • Membrane selection and Installed membrane area.
  • Selection of cleaning chemicals and cleaning regimes.
  • Backwash frequency and duration.
  • Optimal feed characteristics.
  • Analysis of membrane performance.


Specialist in Industrial Wastewater Processing

Alpha Concepts has significant experience with wastewater processing in the following areas:

  • Sewage (BOD, COD, Nitrogen and Phosphorous)
  • Sodium Cyanide
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Manganese Sulphate
  • Ammonia
  • Disinfection
  • Coal and Carbon

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