MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Wastewater loading increased for a Client requiring expansion of sewage treatment capacity at a site. Alpha Concepts supplied a 15 M3/D Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) plant to treat water to a high standard for site requirements. There were some unique requirements in that this site and plant needed to meet:

  • Island environment with high corrosion.
  • High treatment standard due to sand island with a high water table, near the fishery habitat area.
  • Significant nitrogen loading due to resort-type activity.
  • Generally unattended with minimal involvement of site personnel.

Alpha Concepts met the specific needs of this project by ensuring sufficient biological processes for nitrification and denitrification supported by chemical addition. The MBR process allowed for high treatment standard and the plant was constructed of 304 stainless steel to combat corrosion issues. Alpha Concepts automated the process with remote login, monitoring and control.