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Environmental | Alpha Concepts | Queensland




ERA Applications

ERA = Environmentally Relevant Activity

Alpha Concepts supports its activity of wastewater treatment consultation and plant supply with making Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA 63) applications. ERA 63 is required for site use of sewage treatment plants and the irrigation of treated water.

Whether the ERA 63 raised is associated with the lower level activity under “Standard Conditions”, or at a higher level requiring MEDLI analysis, Alpha Concepts can support the application process.


MEDLI analysis

MEDLI – Modelling for Effluent Disposal using Land Irrigation is utilised to determine the required irrigation area and size of wet weather storage for treated water production from a sewage treatment system.

Alpha Concepts performs MEDLI modelling utilising site soil data, climate data and the characteristics of the site’s treated water. The MEDLI analysis forms the basis for the ERA 63 application and achieving approval.


Treated Water Irrigation

Alpha Concepts provides design of treated water irrigation systems inclusive of pump selection, sprinkler and pipe run selection and design. Alpha Concepts incorporates specific control in its irrigation design meeting with the requirements of Environmental Approval and sustainable irrigation while protecting the environment.


Wet Weather Storage Requirements

For periods that irrigation is halted, treated water is accumulated in storage. Alpha Concepts designs storage systems that maintain treated water quality and stop bacterial proliferation after treated water has been produced.

Alpha Concepts not only designs wet weather storage systems and associated irrigation schemes; these systems can be supplied, installed and commissioned.


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental approval often contains conditions requiring monitoring of soil and ground water. Alpha Concepts performs soil sampling and ground water monitoring and associated reporting to meet with the terms of the site approval.

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