Cyanide Industry

Alpha Concepts possess a significant amount of expertise in regards to Sodium Cyanide Manufacture and Cyanide Wastewater Treatment. Darrin Marxsen has been involved with the Sodium Cyanide industry, producing sodium cyanide for over 13 years and consulting in the field for a further 15 years thereafter.

Alpha Concepts’ expertise covers the following technologies and processes:

  • Shawinigan and Fluohmic processes
  • Andrussow
  • Co-current and counter-current HCN absorption
  • Solid Sodium Cyanide Production
  • Wastewater treatment
    • Alkaline chlorination
    • Sodium Cyanate destruction
    • Ammonia stripping
    • Reverse Osmosis recovery
    • Hydrogen Cyanide Stripping
    • Peroxide destruction
    • Biological destruction.


General Process Engineering

Alpha Concepts and its Engineers have a wealth of experience in a number of process unit operations. Alpha Concepts has been involved in projects of an optimisation nature for a number of different production sectors, examples being:

Mineral Sands

  • Rotary Kiln carryover and performance improvement.
  • Titanium oxidation.


  • Fine seed wash performance.
  • Red Mud Dam - wastewater oxygenation

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