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Reactor projects

HCN reactor improvement projects

A number of projects have been completed that involved increasing reactor yield, reactor operational life and reactor output.


Changing of reactor feed stock

At TICOR Chemicals, the reactors were converted from a butane hydrocarbon feedstock to a natural gas feedstock. The design for the new feed system included pressure drop calculations, line sizing, pressure reduction, emergency shut-down safety systems and a new pressure-temperature compensation for implementation as part of the reactor feed gas control. As ammonia was also used in the reactors, a system was developed to prevent formation of ammonium carbonate/carmate in the presence of the natural gas feed.


Reactor back pressure control

The hydrogen cyanide reactor system suffered from downstream pressure fluctuations and associated influences on the fluidised bed.  A back-pressure control system was designed and implemented to stabilise reactor operating pressure. This system also allowed further manipulation of reactor operating conditions, thereby increasing reactor performance and output.