Alpha Concepts Pty. Ltd

About Alpha Concepts


Alpha Concepts is a environmental engineering consulting company, specialising in water and wastewater treatment and industrial manufacturing solutions.

Alpha Concepts is based in Gladstone, Queensland and services clients across regional Queensland and throughout Australia. 



At Alpha Concepts, we utilise our process engineering know-how and experience in the water and wastewater sector to design custom treatment systems to meet site-specific needs. 

We have the skills and experience to progress projects from the design phase through construction and implementation, to decommissioning.

Alpha Concepts designs and implements practical, effective solutions for:



Alpha Concepts offers services in the following areas:


Darrin Marxsen
Principal Resource

Alpha Concepts’ Principal Resource, Darrin Marxsen, has extensive Process Engineering and Management experience. Darrin is a qualified Chemical Engineer of the University of Queensland and has also gained post graduate qualifications in the fields of Management and Environmental Management. Extensive and current experience in the process areas of Cyanide Production, Industrial Waste Processing, Effluent Processing and Nickel Refining gives Darrin the edge when it comes to solving technical and engineering problems.

Ellen Terry
Environmental Engineer

Ellen is an Environmental Engineer with post-graduate qualifications in the area of solid and liquid waste treatment. She has experience working in the sugar refining and water and wastewater treatment industries.

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